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"First Kisses and Final Requests"  

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Track 1:
Samba Fatal

Track 2:
Prima (Cousin)

Track 3:
Paris, '91

Track 4:
Mi Querido Enganador (My Dear Deceiver)
Track 5:
Otra Ves (Once More)
Track 6:
Regreso al Mar (I Will Return to the Sea
Track 7:
Nuestra Bela (Our Candle)
Track 8:
Le Diable aux Boute de Couloir (The Devil Down the Hallway)

Track 9:

Track 10:
Durandal a Ronceveaux (Durandal at the Battle of Ronceveaux)
Track 11:
Mass for Mankind (Gloria Culpa)
Track 12:
Requiem in Red (Our Candle)


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